Monday, 27 May 2013

Tantra - A book review

Some time ago , I received a copy of Adi's new book 'Tantra', however the rush that life is , it took a while for me to actually write a review for the same.

So on nice breezy bangalore morning, finally the review for the book, but before i begin a huge thank you to blogadda for giving all the new authors a great platform to share their work and for "bookaholics" like me a chance to read these new authors and new genre of work .

Now on to the book, i would admit superhero / fantasy thriller is not really my fav genre (i am THE queen of chick lit) and have not even read / seen any of the harry potter / twilight series till now. So this was an exciting new adventure for me. 

Most of the book revolves around the world of 'Tantra' - supernatural , a world where there are vampires  both good and real evil.Yes the author has done some good research, there are pages describing the world of tantra mantra of good power and evil power, maha ratri, Krura ratri, Moha ratri & Kala ratri (apparently the four most super powerful nights)

And in middle of all this there is a delhi aunt doing every thing to ensure our heroine marry a nice rich dilli da munda and settle down happily ever after, and our heroine even has few make out sessions with this hot dilli guy .

So its a super natural with a twist, a very 'common' girl Anu aggarwal who is supposed to be a paralegal by day is actually a vampire by night and is back in India (delhi) on a mission to kill. 

Coming to what i liked about it - the author clearly knows its subject well, the level of detail about all thing occult  dark and mysterious is commendable. There is little or no recent popular literature about Indian mythical stories, so attempting to write this genre requires some guts and author should be complimented for the same.
Also personally i liked the fact that the story is not all about super heroes , super power and fight of right vs wrong, there is a dose of 'real life' via all the non vampire character like the aunt , cousin etc.

And now onto the part which clearly needs focus - Editing, like a said earlier the book has lot of details on tantra that keeps you engrossed for a while but after a point  it gets a little much, this 330+ page book could easily would have been edited smartly to about 270 odd and probably would have tighter , more interesting plot.
And the author is clearly working on this as a series (there is a link to fan site which gives codes to unlock scene from next book in the series at the end of the story) so most of the character are left 'hanging' there is no closure on the reason why she came to delhi from Newyork, all the smaller tracks of stories that developed during this story,it would have been better if some of them were closed

My rating : 3.5 stars (extra 0.5 for constructing a credible super heroine) , definitely worth a read

Book: Tantra
Author: AdiPublisher: Apeejay StyaPages: 335Price: Rs 195

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