Monday, 5 November 2012

Saturday dinner out - 'Shiro'

One of  best part of moving to new city is exploring new resturants. So far we have been to very few places, 'Umerkot' and 'Via Milano' being regular favorite.
So this saturday after having a rather long drinking and jabbering session, we had a quick stop over for dinner  at 'Shiro' in UB City. Now this not a detailed restaurant review coz we spent less than half and hour there and had  just 3 dishes, but enough  to have an opinion.

First thing first , you are asked whether or not you have a reservation, which ofcorse we didn't , so they were extremely reluctant to let us in.  After husband assured repeatedly that  we'll not take long, we were given seats by the door. Once you are in , the decor is impressive - there is huge buddha head in the center  and has an imposing presence, red baubles curtain and high ceiling ...all in all if you are seating at right spot (and there are plenty as i could see from the door seat)  there is lot to enjoy visually. There is also a bar on the side with floor to top glass windows, i am assuming city view from there would be spectacular.

Now to the food, we had chicken dumplings (one plate as only 3 pieces, which is kind of disappointing) , green thai curry and steamed rice. Food wise it was just about average, dumpling had sort of floury aftertaste and was served with a sweet sour sauce - personally prefer something slightly with a spicy kick. Green curry was definitely out of packet sauce  seriously lacked the freshness with of a typically curry. You could taste, some lemon grass and kafir leaves and basil but somehow didn't taste fresh, the color also lacked punch, very creamy  almost white looking gravy

And now the worst part - service, every one floor has attitude. I understand, we didn't have reservation or probably not  fancily dressed as rest of the crowd but  common, we are paying for food and service and deserved to be treated same way as rest of the what seemed like mostly expat crowd. found the patronizing attitude extermly annoying.

So would i visit it again ? Hmmmm Not sure  - actually no. for the price you are paying you want everything to be perfect, decor  food and service. While the first is undoubtedly awesome there is some serious need to improve on remaining two points.

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