Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Summer Snacks

Snacking in summer is tricky, after a hot sunny day outside one needs something that is refreshing, filling and super quick.

Sharing my super easy summer snack , which ticks all the boxes above. Here is what you need.

Red Juicy Watermelon
Knife to cut
Scooper (small plastic would also do)
Icecream (any - i prefer vanilla for watermelon taste to come throug) / chocolate sauce OPTIONAL

Ok, so here is what you do.

Cut watermelon into 2-3 inch slices

Using a scooper or plastic spoon as shown above, scoop out small balls of watermelon

Cover and store it into fridge for 3-4 hours (less or more hours doesn't really make much of difference- it should be chilled really)

And once the hunger pang strikes take out and serve (add ice cream/ sauce if you are in mood).  You can eat direct from the bowl or served like below.

 I serve this in shot glasses with handy toothpicks to my guests in summer when they walk in and is always a hit.

Ice cream covered version can be an excellent summer dessert , super duper refreshing ! 

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