Saturday, 22 December 2012

Breaking bread ...

So this evening, i baked bread ..for the first time ever !! Since i used James martin bakery premix  (Garlic & Rosemary focaccia pre mix) , there is nothing in terms of recipe that is to be shared, i followed the instruction at the back of pack and before putting the dough in oven added garlic cloves, rosemary mix and pepper  and in 20 mins it was done . 

I made a little dip to go with bread ..and here is the recipe .


Olives-  6/7  sliced thinly
Tomato - 1 small sliced thinly 
Tabasco sauce - 1 teaspoon 
Dill : fresh from my kitchen garden , yay !! 
olive oil 

Mix everything in a glass bowl and you are done ..super yummy & easy dip ready (best if left 10-15 mins, so everything mix well) 

I served with olives, Rose wine ..perfect saturday evening 

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