Saturday, 8 December 2012

From Grandma's kitchen- 'Baghia'

So today i am sharing a super simple, healthy & tasty recipe that i learnt from my grand mother 'Baghia' - Indian version of Ravioli in simple terms. it makes for a healthy breakfast or evening snacks.

For filling :
Chana dal / Bengal gram : soaked overnight or for 4-5 hours, drained
few cloves of garlic
green chilli (2-3 as per taste)
Salt to taste

Outer casing

2 cups wheat flour, knead into a dough with  water

Step 1 : grind  all these ingredient (except for dough) into a coarse paste, adding as little water as possible

Step 2 : fill a wok / heavy bottom pan,  half with water and put it on burner to boil while we prep the baghia

Step 3 : divide dough in small balls

Step 4: roll out dough into a flat chapati shape 

Step 5 : Now place one spoonful of mixture in the centre of chapati

Step 6 : roll over half and make into a semi crescent shape. flatten out the centre ensure the mixture doesn't spill out.

Step 7 : use a fork to press the edge together.

Step 8 : carefully lift this and slip in the kadhai with boiling water

Step 9 : let this cook over for about 20 mins ( 10 mins each side )

Step 10: once done  it will become light and come on float on top of kadhai

Step 11 : take out the cooked baghia from kadhai, leave it on absorbing towel for few mintues, till it drains out.

Serve hot with chutney . Super tasty & healthy !!

P.S. - You can also fry or bake  with butter once removed from kadhai. 

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