Saturday, 1 December 2012

Talaash - searching for Aamir 's movie sense

In a very recent interview Aamir Khan said he selects movies from his heart and not his head, that must be true cause there is no way a "thinking" actor like Aamir would have agreed to do a movie like Talaash.

Now i don't want to give away the plot and 'suspense' ( although there are enough morons on facebook  for you to know the same if you have not watched the movie) but just wanted to quickly share my thoughts with you on this.

The movie makes a promising start, dark streets of mumbai are very well captured and so is the red light area. A leading movie actor is killed and the police is looking for the how and why far so good, half an hour into the movie it starts to drag .. another half an hour it really starts testing your patience ( mom scolded me for yawing so loud) by the end it gets simply bizarre . I went to watch the movie coz usually Aamir's movie is little 'hatke' but this is simply too 'hatke'.

In terms of acting, Aamir as usual is good. His act of a tough cop  trying to come in terms of losing his son is excellent. Rani is superb in role of grieving mother, her character is short but is very real. Kareena tries her 'chameli' act again and is pretty average, definitely not as impactful as before and a bunch of supporting actors, mostly from TV who have done a good job. A special mention to Nawazuddin Siddique, by far the finest performer of 2012, with Kahaani, GoW he established himself and now he has taken his performance up by several notches in Talaash.

In her second movie Reema Katagi has a done a decent job of directing ( loved her first movie honeymoon travels pvt ltd), but the plot & story is a big let down.

All in all spend money in theatre if you are big Aamir fan, else wait for a few months to watch it on TV. 

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