Sunday, 21 July 2013

My top 11 travel essentials

We love to travel and more often than not , it is pretty much last minute decision. Whether its a long haul flight or a long road trip, I now have the 'essentials' packed in a simple pouch ready to grab and go whenever we want.

1. A comfy wrap / shawl, I once sat through a low frill airline from Delhi to Singapore almost freezing and had a nasty cold all through the trip thanks to over enthusiastic air conditioner . After that no matter what the season is I always always carry a shawl with me. Even in car my husband likes to keep temperature around 20 degrees and i definitely need it then.

2. Ear plugs : crying babies, loud group going to bangkok for  bachelor / hen party, ear plugs are really life savers, plug and sleep.

3. Lip balm : No one wants chapped lips, especially in the drying environment of planes

4. Mints : Better than chewing gums for the ear popping times , also general time pass

5. Cotton pads :  clean, wipe need them all the time

6. Simple hair band : to keep my extremely unruly hair in somewhat manageable space

7. Disposable emery board filer : I never get time to sit file my nails on a normal day, i use this time to 'beautify' myself.  Well groomed hands are so important

8. Sanitizer :Two words ..Public Toilets

9. Water :  You need to hydrate yourself all the time.

10. Hand cream : Too much air condition makes my hand super dry, i need to keep rubbing this all over all the time.

11. Pen : At one point i always had a pen with me , now with all the smart phones / tablets, pens are getting rather obsolete. Often while filling up a immigration form there would be ten people and one pen so i this again becomes an essential.

Well, this is my list, what are your essentials ?  Things you really cant travel without ?

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