Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Year - New Start

Yeah Yeah i know its middle of the month already ..don't judge (at least not right now), but excuse me for i am not the one to plans things before hence never had new year resolutions before.
But it is different this year..for once when i hit the weighing scale, it is veering into dangerous territory, i have a nagging shoulder and neck pain that refuses to go, no matter how much i shout at it and the worst, i have to click at least 1000 photographs to come across one which can be shared on FB or otherwise.

So its now or never ..there are things  one must know  age and thyroid kills body natural metabolism, so the things that you ate or did or more important didn't do (exercise , yoga, play) affects more now than five year ago and i ignored this for last 5 year hence the 15 (!!!) kg weight gain :(

So without further ado, here is the plan ..i am sharing it on this platform so i have a 'public' pressure to follow it.

First one ofcourse is weight loss ..the important part is how much and how. For now target is to lose 10 kg by end of the year. Avg about 2 / month, diwali, summer breaks and generally going to delhi and hogging ... going to patna and hogging not withstanding

Now the how part 

  1. PLAN PLAN & PLAN - we tend to eat junk when we cant think of anything healthy to cook, or don't have time enough hence its simply easy to make maggi than cook  an elaborate meal, especially when cooking for me  - my case almost 15 days a month. So starting this saturday , i will plan out the complete 3 meal per day for rest of the week. Will utilise sat and sunday to shop & prep for the same.
  2. 3 o clock carb pang - this is tough one, still to crack. Here are some theories - have a fruit (not a huge fan of fruits not sure how long can i sustain), Plan a meeting from 3-4 (most likely will take your mid of food) ..any other suggestion ??
  3. Work from office - this last 6 months i have been working from home, while its great to do so after 8 year of non stop office, easy access to kitchen makes you think more about food and end up eating some junk now and then. Being in office ( may be just 3 days a week) will control this.
  4. Exercise - i usually do things in phases, for last 2 months i was learning tennis but i gave up due to that shoulder and neck pain and also with the fact that my stamina level is too poor. Right now i have started with walks and yoga, plan to switch to swimming as soon as weather is slightly warm, and then hopefully back to tennis . i guess as long as i am doing something , this should be taken care of.
Additionally  i need to focus on my dressing sense, again since the time i started working from home. i am usually dressed in pyjamas and I read somewhere, dont dress for where you are but where you want to be. I am miles miles away from that, So fairly obvious. Also i guess it gets linked to above.

Work wise, there are important milestones to be reached this year. need to have more focused approach for the same. Again Planning should help and intend to do it right now.

And lastly BE THANKFUL, i may not be in a position i aspire to be, but i have a lot of blessings from everyone and i know for sure many would kill to be in my position. So, this year I will take each day as it comes and than god for all love support and blessings 

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