Friday, 1 February 2013

Weekday dinner - Spaghetti with yellow pepper sauce

Work has been so crazy lately that all i do is go to office, come back home eat and sleep and then repeat. In times like this dinner for me have to be super simple and quick so sharing my recipe for Spaghetti with yellow pepper sauce

Things you need

Pasta - Spaghetti , actually almost any pasta that is handy
Yellow pepper - de seeded and roughly sliced
Half of onion
2-3  cloves of garlic
olive oil
Chicken / Veg stock ( can skip if you dont have)
Cheese - any

Okay so now the cooking

Step 1  Cook Pasta to al dente in salted water or stock if available ( stock adds flavor)
Step 2  Heat one spoon olive oil in a deep pan, add chopped onion , yellow pepper, garlic, fry for 3-4 minutes. Add salt ( be mindful of salt in boiling water  & or stock) Turn off the heat and let the mix cool
Step 3   In a blender blend the mix to sauce consistency
Step 4  drain pasta
Step 5 put the sauce back in pan , add pasta  & grated cheese
Step 6 toss for a min , check for salt & turn off the heat

All done !

Trust me it tastes so much more delicious than it sounds. Super simple, filling and yummy for crazy weekdays

(P.S. so crazy that i didn't even have energy to take photo)

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