Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekend Project - Colorful vases


Last weekend, it was nice and sunny outside and since husband was not in town didnt have much to do, so i picked up this 'project' (grand word for something so simple) that i had been thinking for a while.
Simple and the result is quiet pretty for you to see. 


Well essentially you need some clean glass bottles - we eat lot of olives so always have plenty of these bottles around and some glass paint.
Pour few drop of paint on top rim of the bottle and twist and turn the bottle for couple of minutes, let it dry in sun for couple of hours and all done. This look is not polished and that's how its intended to be .....looks especially good if you place these in sunny spots


  1. Great Idea... I will try soon...

    1. Thanks Janika, just saw your comment :) , pls share how it turns out


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