Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sc(h)airy Experiment !!!

Remember how excited i was to recieve the all the sample couple of days ago. Well i tried the first one i recieved TRESemme Shampoo & conditioner. I was happy that i sample i recieved was Smooth and Shine meant for dry and rough hair like mine these.

I had mostly seen this range in salons and i was looking forward to this experiment, hoping i would finally find a solution for all my hair woes. But Alas ! much to my dismay and disappointment , this one fails to deliver. My hair didnt turn sleek and shiny per the claim on contrary, it felt rough and dry. I was not at all happy with my first experiment but i still gave it a second chance thinking it might turn around the next time (and i dont know why i would think that !) but it didnt.

My hair feels rough and lifeless but since i cant really throw anything out just like that , i would probably use the remaining shampoo to clean my combs and brush (yeah that bad !)

All in all quiet a disappointment, I expected a lot given all the claims and fact that they have been around for 60 years in hair care market :(

So for now in search for better hair care continues , next experiment the Sunsilk range :)

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