Monday, 8 April 2013

Breakfast at ...

Weekdays breakfast is usually a rushed affair for us trying to start the day on time. So this saturday i decided to keep it relaxed at the same time simple.

I wanted to set the table in balcony but the heat in bangalore these days is too stifling so chose my 'study' instead.

Simple table cloth, few glass dishes and some flower from the garden below and table was set by the window.

Food was kept simple, i didnt want to spend all morning preparing ..home made bread ( i cheated and used M&S premix), Fried eggs, roasted potatoes and for green sprouted moong tossed with some lemon, onion and tomatoes.

And small little touches like my absolute fav tea towel (used as napkin) below ..
And an amazing breakfast time even though not at Tiffany's :) , it was fun !

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