Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Salad on a stick

Last saturday few friends came over for dinner , since i had cooked a big indian meal for main course i wanted to keep the starters easy and light. So along with my all time hit chilly chicken i went with a 'salad on stick' (inspired from here)

For my version of salad on stick, i used

Cheese cube - i used amul cheese cubes cut into four
Olives - pitted
Guava - cubed
Watermelon- cubed
Basil leaves - cleaned , stalk removed

I prepared all the ingredients and left it in fridge, just before the serving time , i assembled it in  skewers and with a dash of tabasco sauce & pepper , it was ready to be served.


Dont prepare the skewers in advance, cheese cubes are likely to break and crumble when left in skewers in for long period.

Clean basil , let it dry on paper towel and put it in ziploc bag in freeze, leaves tend to turn dark when left with moisture.

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