Thursday, 6 June 2013

Weekend DIY

I love earthy colors and i realized most of things in my house are in similar color tone. Going with the mood of the city, i wanted something fun and colorful to lighten my home. I had a blank A4 size canvas lying at home and few bottle of fabric paint.

So this is what i did ,

painted the canvas in super bright yellow colors in 3 layers (letting it dry between the layers)

I had some dried gulmohar petals from my trip to coorg last week (saved inside a notebook- we used to do this a lot in school) 

Glued these gulmohar petals on to the canvas 

tha'ts it ....done ..all bright and colorful and under Rs. 100 (60 actually for the canvas , which way anyways lying around) 

Now proudly displayed along with a vintage (taken from mum) teapot ..

Simple , Summery and Super Cheery 

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