Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hibiscus for hair

I have recently discovered the benefits of using hibiscus for hair growth and conditioning and overall goodness, thought i will share with you all.  So this article if for all of you who didnt know already, hibiscus  (flower , leaves everything) is a blessing for hair apparatenly, it is good for conditioning, growth, shine and overall health benefit of hair. And just think all this goodness for free !! 
I mean hibiscus is everywhere ..i have more than 50 plants in building campus and since using leaves is as good as flower, you don't have to pluck flowers - which in my building is 'strongly frowned' upon.

At The Gateway Hotel, Chikmagalur

For super soft conditioned hair, use it in hair mask, there are various ways of doing it , mixing with aloe vera etc, i simply grind little mature leaves in 2 tablespoon of curd, apply it and leave it on hair for half an hour or so.  Hair is really soft to touch from first application and I am sure  improve in texture with continuos use. I have not used it often enough to comment on the problem related to hair fall etc but  from my research on internet (here & here) that it does help with that as well, beside a host of other benefits for skin and health. 

You can also make your own hibiscus hair oil, some of the methods are here & here 

At The Tamara Resort, Coorg

Isnt it wonderful, a simple homegrown plant can give you so much benefit with least cost and effort , truly a wonder plant.

At Home

On a different note, did you know there are several hundred varieties of hibiscus flowers, read here to know more about this wonder plant .

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