Tuesday, 11 June 2013

For the love of food & friends

For me a party becomes perfect when great food combines with great friend . When these two combine laughter and good time roll on its own. So when Indiblogger & Kitchen of India announced a ' 
My Weekend Party with Gourmet Food' contest , i decided to host a party with my best friends. Well so what if all four of us are in four different city across the globe and after college time have only been able to meet a few handful times but i cant imagine having the best party of my life without these three special ladies, so this is more of imaginary party for now.

Now that my guest list is sorted coming to the other most important part , Food. Now this is the tricky part, for once all four of us have hugely different taste and most important part if i spend all my energy in chopping sauteing cooking, how will i have time and energy left for actually enjoying the quality time with my friends ? This is when the repertoire of selection from Kitchen of India comes in handy, no fuss great food all the time !

They have a variety of selection from curries to dessert , from chutney and conserves and various masala mix to suit every palate. An icing on cake , you can actually order it online so really you have plenty of time to tidy up your home ( seriously in my party case, i really needn't bother i mean i have practically grown up with them have been room/ flat mates for eons know each other inside out, but i guess big bunches of flowers are good for 'Gourmet' night touch !) 

So having gone through the entire selection, here is my menu for my party night 


This is easy, you see  what really happens with women is when we start our day / dinner we want to keep our options healthy (most of us are 'on diet' all the time), just as the night progresses and the laughter flow and wine intake increases some how we progress from healthy olives & nuts to greasy kebabs & curries. So my starting options are easy Olives, sliced vegetables and fruits  served with, yes you guessed it right, Rose wine 


For vegetarian (non paneer eating) friend - Mirchi ka salan and veg biryani
For vegetarian (loves paneer) friend - Paneer Malai & veg biryani
For my non vegetarian friend and myself - mutton biryani, Chicken darbari , Yum !! 

And since all of us are huge , huge fan of dal bukhara at ITC , Dal Bukhara for all of us 

Served with Red wine - i am keeping few bottles ready for this night long feast 

All this and  assortment of chutneys - Mango garlic chutney, Carrot blackpepper chutney (i am really intrigued by this , ordering it right away) , papaya raisin chutney, basically to use as a dip for all the crackers and sliced fruits and vegetable to last all night of gup shup.

Wow just writing about this made me nostalgic, those were the days. We used to have so much fun. I remember times when we used to be  awake all night playing card and decide at 5 in the morning that its too late anyways to sleep and arrive  in college at 8 with crushed clothes & eyes that we can barely keep open or one Holi where no one went back home and to compensate we decided to prepare an elaborate lunch ourselves. No body had plan to play holi, but somehow we started and it went on till 2 pm , when we started prepping for lunch realized that cooking gas has run out. Some one had a electric hot plate and we cooked an typical holi meal (puri, malpua, puloa paneer ki sabzi, mix veg, papad, raita )   , we finally at our lunch at 6 pm and trust me till date i can taste that food in my mouth, its arguably the best meal i have had till date !

And just we are talking about good times, i leave you with this ..always brings pleasant memories 

Note: This post is an entry to a  Kitchens of India contest

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