Thursday, 25 July 2013

Iced green tea (cold brew)

In a effort to bring something healthy into my diet , I started with Green tea every day mid morning, despite my various attempts i some how never got around liking its taste. Then I thought about having cold green tea and surely it tasted infinitely better and was easier to incorporate in my daily diet.

Further to that, i read somewhere about cold brewing tea, one attempt and i was hooked. This is so much better and easier and tastier. During my 'research' i also read how cold brewing is better health wise (here), but honestly there were some articles claiming otherwise so we'll leave it to that.

Plus it does not have a 'cloudy' look that you get when you cool hot tea in fridge

Here is how you do it

cold brew tea

In a bottle add water and tea bags (or leaves) and leave it in fridge - yes its that simple.

cold brew tea

I had with sliced guavas , surprisingly good !!

Simple, right ?? Now go ahead and experiments with all possible flavors

P.S. - Although it tastes best when left in fridge for about 8 hours , i have had it in time ranging from 4 to 30 hours ..almost as good

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