Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Spinach garlic stir fry

An absolute dinner time favorite, this side dish is healthy , yummy and the best part takes 5 mins to assemble and cook.

Things you need

Spinach leaves - wash thoroughly and pat dry (preferably baby spinach, on more mature leaves remove stalk completely else its little chewy)

cloves of garlic - sliced thinly

toasted sesame seeds- this is for texture really. On a warm tawa/ iron girdle  (not hot else it would burn), toss a teaspoon of sesame seed , roll around for a min, till you get golden brown color, remove immediately.

Sesame oil -  for a slightly nutty flavour

burnt chilly garlic dressing (completely optional - i picked this from fab india and it goes well with lot of stir fry dishes ), you can use a drizzle of tobsaco sauce, peri peri sauce whatever you have in your pantry to give a little heat to the dish. (Skip if you are not in mood)

Salt - a pinch

Now the easy part.

In a hot wok, add a tea spoon of cooking oil (sometimes i don't use oil at  all), add garlic , stir it for 30 seconds.

Add spinach leaves , give it a good stir for a minute.

Add the chilly garlic dressing (1/2 tablespoon) , a generous splash of sesame oil (1 table spoon).

Turn off the heat , add salt , toss well for 20 seconds

Sprinkle toasted sesame seed.

Serve right away .

P.S. This is best to be cooked just before serving , reheating doesn't go too well with it.

Serving suggestions :

Hot Roti / Paratha and curry of your choice. This works as an excellent side dish.

Grilled chicken and instead of baked potatoes / vegetables , you could serve up this stir fry

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