Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Avocado cheesy cups

Sometimes disappointments can turn into a sweet ( in my case cheesy savoury) victory .

I was all in a mood to make a nice guacamole dip today , but to my disappointment I realised that the avocado I had was not ripe enough . I did not throw away the avocado and went to net to look for some kanadda / coorgi recipe that uses avocado or butter fruit as its called here - I had seen few butter fruit tree in coorg and assumed there must be some local way of cooking it.  Somehow I could not really find anything that I could really try. Further trolling on net I found pics of egg baked in avocado , it surely looked pretty enough .  Reading through the reviews, most of people complained that it made avocado too mushy and that got me thinking, may be too mushy for a ripe avocado but just might be perfect for the one I had in fridge!

So with my creative cap on, I scooped out the pit from avocado, rubbed  a pinch of salt all over, finely chopped onion and tore up sliced cheese into small pieces and filled the cup ( there is no egg in fridge  today :( ) , sprinkled a bit of rock salt, pepper and splash of Tabasco sauce and grilled in microwave for 3 minutes ... Creamy cheesy avocado cup done in a instant :) :)

On a different note, do you have any local recipe for avocado ? please share.

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