Friday, 23 August 2013

Lunch in a bowl - Chicken noodles

Given that I work from home most days of the week, I usually want to have something light for lunch, easy to prepare and eat between meetings and emails. So I thought I will start a series with 'lunch in a bowl' , will try to keep it quick and nourishing.

First up : Chicken noodles 

This is how I went

Boiled noodles in salted water, till al dente (2-3 mins before the  require time)
Drain, rinse under tap water - so that it stops cooking, set aside.

Thinly slice 1/2" of ginger, 1 clove of garlic.
Slice up all the vegetable you have in fridge sufficient for one portion. I had onion , yellow pepper, cauliflower. You can add mushroom, capsicum, cabbage, carrot , whatever is there .

In a wok heat one table spoon of cooking oil , once hot add the sliced up vegetables , ginger and garlic and stir on high for couple if minutes.
In a bowl mix half a teaspoon each of  soya  sauce, chilli sauce, tomato sauce,  1 teaspoon each of vinegar and spring roll sauce (current favourite love the mix of chilli and something sweet), few drops of Tabasco sauce - for extra kick and 1 tablespoon water

Add this mix to the wok, turn down the heat to medium .
To this mix add bite size pieces if boneless chicken(or any other leftover meat you prefer)

Cook for couple of minutes. On medium heat till chicken is almost done. Adjust water as required.

Now add the noodles , sauté around of couple of minutes so noodles is completely covered in sauce .

Turn up the heat, break an egg into a bowl, beat up nicely and add this mix to wok.

Quickly mix it in wok so it covers all the noodles completely, stir for half a minute, check for salt and adjust per taste.

Turn of the heat, garnish with some onion leaves and serve yourself. Your quick and easy lunch done in under 15 mins.

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