Saturday, 7 September 2013

Lunch in bowl - Spaghetti Aglio E Olio with mushroom and Garlic & some pasta gyaan

Today's lunch in a bowl was a super simple affair. It was modified from the version I shared earlier (here), still very very flavourful.

For this version you need : 

Spaghetti - boiled in salted water (al dente)
Garlic - 3/4 large pods , sliced thinly 
Dry red chilies -2/3 deseeded and sliced 
Button mushroom - half cup , cubed 
Olives -4/5 sliced thinly 
Basil leaves -3/4 large leaves 
Olive oil - 1 table spoon 

Heat oil in a wok , add red chillies & garlic , sauté for a min on medium heat till garlic turns slightly golden.

Add mushroom and olives , sauté for couple of mins.

Add boiled pasta, tear up basil leave , sauté for couple of mins , turn off heat.  Garnish with black pepper and basil leaf serve hot .. Super simple 

And now for some pasta sauce pairing I read recently.

Contoured pasta : Are great for trapping chucks of vegetable or meat.

Tubular , Short pasta : Are perfect for holding viscous sauces.

Long thin pasta : Are best with oil or cream based sauces . 


  1. Replies
    1. high on carbs, good for the days when you have some heavy lifting to do:), compensate by having very light dinner !

    2. Healthy does not have to mean low fat. For someone like me with a very high metabolism this IS healthy. Granted there are better things out there for me to eat, but not at this price point.


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