Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tea Talk

Couple of fridays ago (yes festival, family food and fun came in between of blog posting) Splenda organized a tea tasting session at Infintea and FBAI invited few bloggers to attend the event. So on a a rainy friday afternoon i trekked across the other end of town (Cunnigham road) to attend this event. I am personally not a huge tea drinker myself but  family is huge fan and my mom is diabietic and takes sugar supplement with her tea, so this event made sense for me to go and check out despite the crazy rain.

First about the place, the event was  held at Infinitea a quiet tea room thankfully situated on the main road in Vasanth nagar. Spread over 2 floor (ground and mezzanine) the place is all wooden and has bit of old world feel to it.

The event was obviously held to promote the newly launched Splenda , a sugar substitute in India. The makers claim that Splenda is made from sucrose and closely mimics the real sugar and hence a better substitute to sugar and perfect for all (even pregnant women).

Splenda - a new sugar substitute
Gaurav - Owner of Infinitea took us through a journey of tea of how tea plant is grown and the complete harvesting and drying and brewing process. Given his family background of Tea plantation, his knowledge is excellent and guides you really well on the type of tea to suit your palate. We were served five varities of tea starting with the palest and mildest White tea to the full body Assam gold black and ofcorse the good old indian masala chai.

Beautiful color of herbal tea
Tea testing menu - we were served all five

Interior @Infinitea
Gaurav was also joined by Dr Prema HS a well known nutristionist in bangalore, who briefed the group about basic dietary needs and importance of a balanced and nutritious diet. She also clarified various questions regarding tea drinking habit popular across the country.

Tea sommelier Gaurav Saria (owner of Infinitea) and Dr. Prema HS (nutritionist) 

I tasted Splenda and have tasted various sugar substitute commonly available in market and while i am not sure about the health claims but the definite good part was that there was no chemical / bitter after taste in my mouth after using Splenda which is common with other brands available.

A fun an entertaining afternoon, where i got to meet few fellow blogger from across the city and had some good tea and good food, oh what fun !

Chicken Kebab, loved the serving style - totally stealing it in my next party

Yummy fried prawns

Packing to ensure complete freshness of tea



And more tea

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