Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fresh peas soup

Along with rest of the country temperature in Bangalore also dropped suddenly. That means its getting difficult to wake up early , sunshine and anything hot is very very appealing right now. Of course given my family's love for soup we are drinking a lot more soup now and it's really our favourite  late evening 'snack'. While I have shared some of my usual recipe before, yesterday I tried peas soup for the first time and it was so sweetly refreshing, I thought i should share.

For this soup you need

Fresh peas (shelled) - 1 large bowl full
Onion - I medium finely chopped 
Potato -1 small peeled ( optional) - this provides a little thickness to the soup
Butter / ghee (clarified butter) -1 small teaspoon 
Salt & pepper - to taste 

In a hot pressure cooker / deep pan. Add ghee (butter), add chopped onion, sauté for half minute.
Now add potato and peas and sauté for further one minute.

Cover the cooker / pan and cook till potato cooks completely. 

Once the mixture is cool enough to handle , use a hand blender / transfer it to blender and mix to soup like consistency.

Put the soup back on heat , add salt pepper to taste and bring to boil. 

Serve hot, you can add little cream to garnish or else try some thinly chopped fresh red chillies. 

Fresh & Refreshing Peas soup ready  to serve. 

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