Monday, 3 March 2014

Coffee cups

I am in seoul for last 3 days , and while I will do a detailed post on food and shopping in seoul later, let me take a moment to talk about the coffee. People in seoul take their coffee seriously, really seriously . If you thought Americans were crazy about coffee you should check out seoul, there is a Starbucks in 25-30 meter radius no matter where you stand in downtown area. And it's just not about star bucks, there are gazillion home grown shops dotted all across the road

There are coffee shops in rows. 

I have seen people sipping and walking in with one coffee cup into another coffee shop, crazy right ? 

Another really cute thing is how you can collect your order. Since  some of these shops are huge and spread across floors , they give you a e token of sorts , which vibrates and lets you know that your coffee is ready !! Cute no , after we are in cute land ( more on that later)

So if you are planning a trip to seoul, make sure you try as many coffee cups

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