Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Garlic fried rice

Sometime simple is sooo good , this fried  rice is incredibly simple and full on flavour perfect for an easy weekday lunch . 

You need 
1 leftover bowl of rice ( white / brown)
Garlic minced - 1 teaspoon
Egg - 1 beaten 
Soy sauce -1 small teaspoon 
Tabasco sauce / sriracha sauce - per taste ( optional)
Salt & pepper 
Oil - 1 teaspoon 
Spring onion to garnish 

Heat oil in wok , add minced garlic.
Add beaten egg , scramble for a minute 
Add soy sauce , tobacco sauce salt and pepper.
Mix for 30 seconds , add rice.
Mix well, turn off heat, add chopped spring onion.
Serve hot 

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