Sunday, 16 March 2014

Of a boy and a girl

Ok so this is a story of a boy and a girl ( well realistically man and woman , but it sounds better that ways ) , so this boy and girl had been married for a while and like most of the marriages their marriage had ups and downs but anyways, this story is not about their marriage, moving on..

Now this girl was the practical sorts , head over heart mostly and the boy was emotional variety . Now in course of her job , the girl had to be in U.S. for some work for three months . So she went and since she had few friends around and she had been to the country before she knew her way around and with work and everything she was having a good time . Also in the meanwhile the boy planned a trip and spent a week with her and they went around a few places spent a good week together and then the boy went back to India to take care of his work.
After 10 days it was the girls birthday , although the girl was cool about being alone on her birthday , the boy insisted she spends her birthday in Newyork ( hour and half away by train - and it was a weekend ) . They discussed how she would spend her birthday - watching a broadway show , which she had never done before and probably get a tattoo done visiting the Met museum and generally spending a night in NY. The hotel booking and everything was taken care by the boy so she gets a nice birthday treat. So on her birthday she left for NY , spent some time in time square  browsing through the street shop, had a quick lunch , took all birthday calls from mom dad uncle aunty cousins and the boy also. Then she went for Mama Mia, ofcorse she had her first broadway theatre experience and such a wonderful show !

Next stop was MET museum just couple of blocks away, as she left the hall she got another call from the boy, to check  about the show and then asking to turn  right , well that was crazy why should she ..he insisted and well she did. And there he was standing right in the middle of time square with a single orchid stem to wish her birthday. Saying she was stupefied will be an understatement , she was laughing crying all at the same time . There was her boy in person to wish her birthday  and to spend just  few hours with. He just spent 3-4 hours with her because he had a return flight next day morning , but that feeling will last her a lifetime ! 

This article is written for Indiblogger contest for British airways 

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