Monday, 24 March 2014

Ulaanbataar Day 2

After the rather chilling but very exciting experience of day 1 in Ulaanbaatar, next day we planned to take a trip down to Terelj national park , about 60-70 kms away from the city center . Its a national park which is largely un developed and is best to view and understand the landscape of Mongolia away from hustle bustle of capital city . The travel to national park is pictresque with miles and miles of imposing mountains and hardly any settlement .

Terij National Park
Landscape on the way

Terij National Park

While in summer the there are plenty of activity at the park like Rafting horse riding, hiking and you can even stay in the famous Ger tents , with snow all around for us it was more of the journey than the actual destination. You can attempt skiing in winter but we are yet to learn to ski so there was nothing much 'to do'. We had a rather nice lunch at Terelj international resort and spa hotel .

On the way to national park , there is a mini stopover at Genghis khan statue complex , an imposing structure over 40 meter tall set against the barren hilly landscape. The complex is still work in progress and there is a small museum in the complex. While the museum's collection is not very grand its interesting nonetheless. Do check out the small video playing in a corner room which describes how this structure was made and put together.

Genghis khan statue complex 
The imposing structure
Genghis khan Statue
Lanscape from the statue complex

There are couple of interesting rock formation on the way like this turtle structure :) 

We had hired a cab from our hotel Kempinski Hotel Khan palace   and it was great choice , the driver was knowledgeable and car very very comfortable.

And  the best part of the trip, we got to see dianosaurs  !!

Ok so they were rock stuctures but given the surreal landscape you would almost think they were real, dont you think so :)

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