Friday, 7 November 2014

My new korean skincare routine

"Travel is more than seeing the world; it’s seeing the world in a new way."

I have had some amazing experience travelling. Some expected , some unexpected . Korea was one such unexpected experience and a total pleasent one to that. I simply loved the experience . Right from food to shopping everything was superlative. Shopping especially was mind blowing , I am not much of a shopaholic but there was something in the air that even I couldn't resist. 

We stayed in Lotte Hotel in myendong area which a Mecca for beauty shopping.

Korean Skincare
Myeondyong - Seoul - The Beauty street 

I had no idea about korean beauty industry before landing in Seoul. Infact in general i was not much into beauty and or skincare , my skincare routine till date was face wash and apply simple cream in morning, and the days I felt extra greasy I washed my face at night .

But landing in seoul opened my eyes to a different world, a world of hi tech beauty care. A world so complex and fascinating , a world of mind boggling 10 + beauty care steps !! It was just everywhere and when i realized every single person in seoul had amazing beautiful soft skin i fell for it too.

While I still have not got into that kind of elaborate routine , but have definitely expanded myself beyond clean and cream routine . My medicine cabinet looks something like this today. I clean , tone , moisturise and apply eye cream on daily basis and on a good day either scrub or apply a water pack. 

Just a bit of care and trust me my skin never looked so good . So for all of you out there who dream of having flawless skin , give korean beauty care a chance. Ofcorse good food and healthy lifestyle has a huge role in how you look and feel but a little help from these 'miracle bottles' never hurts :) 

Etude, Laneige, Innisfree, Minissha, Su:m
My Korean Skincare

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