Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Year That Was !! #TalesOf2015

The pace of time never changes , second by second day month and year go by and yet at the end of every year one feels that this one just breezed by. Some years are just change in calendar,  our lives , people and surrounding pretty much the same while other makes a huge change in your life . It defines you who you are and who will be for rest of your life...... 2015 was such epic year for me ! 

2015 was the year I became mother for the first time to my two beautiful twins and as they say life is never ever the same. Sometimes time just stood still, while others I could not wait for time to pass and sometimes I wished time would just stop still. Becoming a mother has been the most exhilarating experience of my life . Its everything that you read / hear about and much more . More so because we had twins , a sonny boy and little princess. Motherhood is not easy, most of the time you are wondering if you have done the right thing , if you are doing the right thing and how to do ‘right’ things. You are responsible for lives of these tiny tiny people and it’s not just about raising them but also ensuring that they are raised in a manner that they become beautiful individuals whom you and more importantly they themselves would be proud of .Trust me doing all this while mostly not sure of your own life and actions is one

I am thankful more than ever to all people in my life who helped and are helping me in this journey, my family ,friends and doctors I could not have not anything without these people in my life.

As my mother wrote to me , a girl makes many relationship once she gets married but nothing is more special than becoming a mother  and I could not agree more . Yes there are times when I really miss my ‘old life’ , when going out meant picking up car keys and out of the door .  Now I have to plan before I so much venture out of my door, going out means planning for days , packing really half your house and still be wondering if you really have everything that these two tiny ones will need.  There is no time for ‘down time’ , you always have to be on , making sure they are safe and healthy . Even if you have tons of ‘help’ around, you would be rushing every time one of them even so much as whimpers and yes it would be ages before you get a full night sleep J

But amidst all the chaos and sleeping nights and now permanent back pain there are few minutes when they both happy and playful, the smile that greets you in morning and when they call out ‘ma’ (I  know they are too young to talk , but whatever noise they make to my ears that just ma)


I have so much to look forward this year, watching them grow, ensuring that both of them are happy and healthy, spend as much time as possible with them. I want to be in better health, a better cook and overall a better person to be the best possible mom.



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