Friday, 12 October 2012

'Pick me up' for the wall

Sometimes, very small things give you such pleasure and that its almost stupid to describe it or share but you want to do it nonetheless ..

Now this wall connecting two doors at home used to look very bare to me, i had a lone painting put up there but would still look incomplete.

lonely, no ??

close up - a painted 'plate' i picked up from the streets of Ho chi min city 
I was not sure of how to make the wall look good without really cluttering it.  Something similar would look a little over the top for a small wall. Inspiration flash, i found this small 'tikuli' painting (gift from a dear friend) sitting among the yet to unpack box and thought of hanging below this one.

Logic being, the painting is small, hence will not crowd the wall or clash with the one above and  make it the corner look cluttered.

Tikuli painting - 800 year old craft from Bihar 

So after a quick search for nail and hammer and twice banging the hammer on fingers , the painting is finally up and makes my wall and myself very very cheerful.

What do you say ??


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