Sunday, 11 November 2012

I have an app for you !

Oh what a fun filled evening yesterday. There was food, wine and plenty of laughter, Nokiaapptastsing event  surely did live up to my expectation. For those who won Nokia Lumina phone (and there were quiet a few), it was indeed a very happy dhanteras :) 

One of the contest at the event was to write an idea for app (the whole event was to promote Nokia lumina &  a yet to be launched TVseries on app development ) with “Your Wish is My app” competition.  And the catch was to write it in 50 words  or less. Since i could not manage to write one at the event, here is my app idea.

Name : watch what you eat (essentially tracking all that you have consumed through the day)
Target audience : well any one who wants to be a conscious eater, eat healthy and avoid junk food 

What will it do : It will help you track all that you are eating, every time you pop something in your mouth, you add it to app. It will add up all the calorie intake for the day and give you a report out at the end.  Also show pattern of when you are eating unhealthy (typically evening snacking etc) . So in a way to it will help you watch what you are eating.

Additional feature : it should help you tag along other people (my cousins and i would love to share this and encourage each other to eat healthy), may be i can share it with my dietician, so a customized  diet chart depending on the food pattern can be made. A list of healthy recepie  can be added, the possibilities are endless  really..

Interesting no ? 

So now Mr. Makhani & all the lovely people at Nokia, can i get that phone  that you generously gave out yesterday :) :) 

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