Saturday, 10 November 2012

What's with customer care in India ?

Seriously,  I  am  appalled by the customer care attitude of some of well respected companies in India. One can imagine such behaviour if it were smaller companies but my experience with HDFC Bank and Vodafone in recent past has left me completely disappointed with what they claim 'customer service'.

Okay, i have been a customer for both these companies for last 10 year and was pretty happy with the services, hence such behavior is shocking. I will start with the most ridiculous one Vodafone.  So when i shifted base from delhi to bangalore and wanted to retain my delhi number as a prepaid account (converting from current post paid service)  in addition to my new bangalore number, i was told by customer care in bangalore that it cant be done from bangalore or even online for that i have to visit delhi center !! For a company that is in telecom / technology sector, you would expect that it would have a well defined service network with central point of control but guess what Vodafone - Delhi and Vodafone - Bangalore are two seperate entity.

And the craziness doesnt stop here, recently when i was in delhi i went to customer care center in Dwarka, now the representative tells me that as a policy the change from postpaid to prepaid cant be done on any date, for that i have to come on the date of my billing cycle, pay the outstanding amount and convert. When i offered to pay the amount upright (billing cycle day was couple of weeks away and i had to come back to bangalore) and convert, he said it cannot be done as per 'company policy',how very infuriating. I am sure someone in  vodafone is not thinking straight if they have policies like this, in this time and age where every customer count and the switch over cost to any other service provider is zero, why would a company like vodafone behave like this is beyond me.

So guess what vodafone, you just lost a customer, I have decided to give up my delhi number, really dont see any point of retaining the number and unnecessary paying the monthly charges when i am not using it.

Moving on to HDFC Bank, this is regarding their credit card division customer care, they should be really listening to all the agent calls. If anyone from customer service division is regarding this, when you say you are recording calls for quality purpose, please for once actually listen to these calls to check quality. The issue is simple, there is a major discrepancy in the reward point as shown in my credit card statement and once on the redemption site, i was told by the agent i first spoke with couple of months ago that there was some glitch in the system and they would get back to me with corrected points. Now that never happened, but whenever i tried to call about it i get a curt reply and when i asked for  reference number or talk to supervisor, the agent actually disconnected the call !  I have also written to customer care services but to no avail.

Well so now hello Airtel, Amex...hope you are good to me !

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