Sunday, 20 January 2013

adraki gobhi

I was in rush to finish off lunch yesterday to attend the HP indiblogger meet , so  was looking for a easy and quick to make recipe for cauliflower.

As always saneev kapoor to rescue. It's deceptively simple (so simple that you might be tempted to tweak / add ingredients... please don't , it taste great as it is !)

Here is what you need.

Cauliflower - cut into medium size florets
Cumin - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric - powder / paste - turmeric is in season these days , got some from my local super market, now i am using the paste, somehow feels better :)
Red chilli powder / paste
Ginger - paste and few thin slices cut
Tomato - one medium size, chopped roughly
Vinegar - 1 teaspoon  - soak some thinly sliced ginger in it.
Lemon - half

Now the process

soak the cauliflower in water , add a little salt and turmeric powder / paste

Heat oil in non stick shallow pan (i used normal kadhai  but the masala tends to stick since there is no water, so better to use non stick pan)

add cumin to splutter

add ginger, red chilli paste

saute for couple of  minutes

drain cauliflower , add this to the pan

add salt &  half of vinegar soaked ginger

mix well,

cover and cook on low heat till cauliflower is half done

add roughly chopped tomatoes,

cover and cook till done

add remaining vinegar soaked ginger and juice of half lemon just before removing from fire

serve hot.

I served with matar jeera rice pulao and tadka chana dal,Sure it will taste great with roti / paratha

Total time taken : 20 minutes  and tastes amazing!!

P.S. Finally didnt attend the meet :( blame it on sheer laziness & crying my eyes out while watching Stepmom for the nth time

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