Monday, 13 January 2014

These are a few of my favourite things ..

Remember this song from the movie Sound of music ?? Everytime I listen to it I am filled with happiness and hope. And I am hopeful this year, more hopeful in the begining of 2014 than ever before. Isn't that a good thing ? Suprisingly I dont have any particular reasons but why should I question a good feeling ? I go on hoping for a wonderful 2014 (Touchwood !! ) 
 What about you? Now that the whole Euphoria of new year and year end break has settled , how are you finding yourself ? Got back into the routine or like me still trying to find your bearings :) :)

Since we are in topic of all things new , I thought i will share a new (to me) blog I discovered recently and i am totally in love. I adore the photos and the life the author seems to have , all fresh and all french ..yes that's the dream ..someday !!!! Do check out Manger , classy and delightful. I love love love the photos and most of the menu she share. I will defintely trying this Garlic soup recipe
soon and so many more recipes she has.

 Again may be a little in the day (i am over 30) but I lived my life pretty much without makeup- occasional lipsticks yes but nothing more, its time to experiments and learn things and since i am regular reader of IMMB blog and like it's truly democractic format - by the reader for the reader, so will be leveraging it a lot in my 'fashionable' 2014. 

Here is wishing you a fulfilling 2014 and happy Lohri, Talk to you soon !

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