Monday 11 March 2013

Lovey 'Dove'y

So last week when i came back from Delhi, i got a welcome back gift from Indiblogger , sample pack of Dove shampoo & conditioner packed in super soft creamy leatherite pouch (now my travel makeup kit). 

This is part of the indiblogger contest  Beautiful ends to your beautiful braids contest that is encouraging bloggers to try their range of split end rescue system hair care for split free hair and re-gain our soft beautiful beautiful braids. 

Dove Split End Rescue System.
Now its been a long time since i have braided my hair, (though its super fashionable these days) but I remember the time back in school where we were wear these as a part of school uniform. Our school was strict in terms of dress code (i guess all convent are like this), red check skirt - 2 inches above the knee, pristine white shirts,no long nails or nail paints   ..all long hair to be braided and no not a loose single plait like all other public school girls would do but two tight plaits hanging by our ears ahhhhhhhhh ..what fashion blunders and trauma for our young teenage souls !!
And our moms would be a very happy and willing  partners in crime with the Sisters at school, ensuring that the plaits are braided tight enough and any flyway hair to be settled with a layer of oil. But these rule were applicable only for school campuses so  first thing we did after stepping out of school campus (for even the chowkidaar bhaiya at school gate were hawks watching our every move) was to unbraid and let it loose like Simran in Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge ....yes that was THE movie of our time (I was in 10th standard when it released and despite the board exam pressure we actually watched in theatre with entire school, but that's for another story)

In retrospect i do realize now, all that oiling and braiding was the only reason my hair is still okay state, years of neglect post school has taken its toll and like most other women i suffer from split ends, early greying and massive hair fall, but still compared to others its okay ..not great or good but just about okay , guess mums and Sisters were right all along !

So now back to the present world, through out my early twenties i experimented with all popular shampoo brands and finally settled with Pantene wash and conditioner and been using it for few years. I am quiet happy with it as it softens my frizz prone hair without making it too oily, if i wash my hair twice or thrice a week. Couple of months ago i shifted to Loreal conditioner and i was even happier coz it made my hair softer. I had used Dove before but i wasnt too happy with it so it was it some apprehension that i tried this sample pack,
, first time when i washed my hair it was greasy and dirty with all the travelling and the fact i had not washed it in a week due to fever and cold. I was happy with the result but i felt it became too soft and slightly 'out of control'  but i was happy enough and tried this time when i had oiled my hair previous night  and i am really happy this time, what i really liked about this was not only my hair is softer on the day i washed but it continued so on even third and today which is the fourth day after the wash. It claims to take care of the split ends which i am yet to see since i have only used it twice but i am willing to try it for few months and see for myself.

Am i convert now ?? Hmmmm not sure ...but i am willing to experiment !

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