Saturday, 9 March 2013

Restaurant Review - Thai Pavilion (Mumbai)

The issue with first love it  never lives up to image when you meet later in life. I was in a similar predicament when I was visiting thai pavilion again this time almost after five years . This is the place where my love for Thai food started and I still remember every morsel of  dinner I had. 

5 years later and countless Thai meals including multiple times in Bangkok I was sceptic that l would be disappointed . So  we went and ordered the exact same thing prawn  & chicken soup , Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaf and green chicken curry.......and ah bliss again, same amazing flavour bursting through the mouth,every bite brought back the flush of first love. 

It's a must visit place if you love Thai food and even if you dont, try it,  you just might start a new love affair ! 

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