Thursday, 7 March 2013

The September Issue

Despite my apperance to contratry i LOVE that when i took a day off today (runny nose & eyes ,horrible sneezes etc etc)  i spent better part of day making me feel good by  indulging in this love. I watched 'The Devil Wears Prada" for 1000th time and still enjoyed it, there is already reams and reams of pages written in praise about the movie and Meryl Streep and fresh faced and rosy cheeked Anne Hathaway so i wouldn't even attempt doing that, but what i really wanted to share was the 'Original' version of the movie in the documentary The September Issue. If you have not watched it as yet do watch, although the description said its a documentary on the life of Anna Wintour the editor in chief at Vouge America.Like the movie the editor in chief takes ALL the decision and has amazing fashion sense and knowledge but unlike the movie it just doesnt deal with the chief protagonist but more around creating the biggest and the most fashion forward Vouge September issue (September issue for any fashion magazine is a big deal as it heralds the beginning of new fashion or trend era). What i really like about this documentary was how it  shows all the hard work and preparation required for creating that big issue, all the people involved and their genuine emotion and frustrations. Also in large part it covers Grace Coddington - the super genius creative director for Vouge America, she is the reason all those fabulous photo shoots and hates with passion the use of celebrity as models on Vouge' s cover page - which i learnt from this documentary is a trend started by Anna Wintour.

This documentary attempts to show the more 'human' side of editor in chief especially after the dramatic image created by Meryl Streep in the movie. Yes she is dictatorial but she is working for the good of magazine and is shown is spend some good quality time with her daughter and knows how to smile if only rarely but i guess you need all that if you are the most influential person in a $300bn industry. The only part i really didnt like and thought was bit artificial when she talks about how her journalist family looks at her work as 'amusing',  I thought it was  a very forced statement to show how 'humane' she is.

But all in all do watch the documentary, its fun and informative about life at Vouge, all the sweat and hard work that goes around creating that 100+ pages of super glossy fun magazine.

On a side note also watched 2 days in Paris a cute indie movie with a  bit of too much french for my clear understanding but worth a watch nonetheless. As the name suggests its shot throughout in Paris (my current second fav city) and from my point of view an excellent satire on the decadent culture of france and in some strange cute realistic way a nice romantic movie.

P.S. incase anyone is interested my fav city is NYC and my third favourite city is London and i would love love to work and stay in any of these three cities for a year (with a salary to afford all the good bits , ready to work my a** off for that) ..if ANYONE  is listening 


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