Thursday, 20 June 2013


I was doing a wonderful post about our  recent trip to Coorg but the images all around me are so disturbing that i had to stop writing that and write this.

I am sure all of you would have seen / heard the tragedy in uttarkhand, its shocking to see those images and be witness to all the death destruction and loss. A beautiful heavenly region is now reduced to piles of rubbish and mostly due to human negligences. My memories of char dham yarta that we undertook few years ago is filled with beautiful sceneries, great family time and wonderfully warm people. Trying to fit that image into what i see today on TV is heartbreaking.

Clearly our generation has lot more disposable income than our parents generation and traveling a lot more, exploring right from Leh to Kanyakumari. This is good, we all know tourism is good for any economy there are many countries where tourism is the mainstay but its time we thin about sustainable tourism. Every time one steps out of home there is quiet a lot of damage we do to the environment and not just air pollution, think about travel size shampoo and moisturizer bottles. Bed sheets that we expect to be changed everyday even though at home i do it once in 3-4 days.

For those of you who have not been to Uttarakhand, it really really beautiful. Postcard beauty types, with Himalyas on one side and Yamuna / Ganga / Alaknanda river running on other side. Unfortunately its one of the poorest state of India, himalayan range at its best is treacherous , getting even the basic supplies to corner of state is quiet a task and expensive affair  and despite having one of the hardest working population in the country there is abject poverty every where. Summer tourism is actually a great source of income for most of the families in this region and now after this tragedy it would take decade to build their life back to where it was before.

I wish now Uttarakhand has to start afresh we can implement something like Tibet,  where one is required to spend a minimum amount every day and tourism is strictly controlled by government hence is controlled and brings great riches to the area.

Visiting every nook and corner of our exotic country is a wonderful experience, there is so much history, beauty and culture at every step. However lets be mindful of all the damage that we do to environment. May be plant a tree for every road trip we take ? Use a cloth carry bag, avoid travel size packs, recycle & reuse and just be little conscious of our surrounding. Lets not wait for another reminder from God to really wake up ..... leave something beautiful for our kids to enjoy !

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