Saturday, 23 November 2013

Aloo chokha (Mashed Potatoes - Bihar style)

Saturday in most of the bihari household means Kichdi (a simple rice and lentil preparation) for lunch, its easy to cook and healthy too. Also since i spend most of saturday morning in cleaning , laundry etc , preparing khichdi means i am relieved of all the prepping and cooking for a elaborate meals & can quickly finish off all the weekend work. Elaborate meals/ family get togethers  usually  starts from saturday evening :)

Along with Kichdi there are few staples which get served , as my grand mother used to say "kichdi ke paanch  yaar chokha dahi  papad, ghee ,  achar  " translation - Khicdi to be served with five friends, chokha (mashed potatoes), dahi (curd), papad , ghee (clarified butter) and achar (pickle)

While there are few variation, this is the simplest version for everyday cooking

You need

Boiled potatoes - mashed
Onion - chopped
Green chillies - chopped
Mustard oil - important to use mustard oil as it gives slightly pungent flavur and can be eaten uncooked
Salt - to taste

Boil potatoes and let it be cool enough to handle - not too cold else it would be difficult to mash.

Mash potatoes , add chopped onions, chillies , a spoonful of mustard oil and salt.

Mix well and serve.

Excellent with Khicdi & Litti (recipe coming up soon)

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