Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Moong dal pakoda (Lentil fritters)

For me Delhi is THE street food capital of the world , the variety, the taste, range of flavors,  simply amazing. Whether its chaat near the UPSC building or parathas from chandani chowk, every area in delhi has  a street food speciality and it changes with the season.
Moong dal pakoda is a favourite of mine , whenever i am in Lajapat nagar area. During winter months, It's served piping hot with grated radish and green chutney ...simply divine. If you are ever near lajpat nagar area (i know the traffic is killing , take metro), go around the corner from 'Ritu wears' there are few vendors who serve really the crunchiest and best moong dal padoka.

Since my plan of going to delhi this month got cancelled, i thought of treating myself by making these at home. Serve this with evening tea on a cold day and watch it disappear.

For Pakodas you need :

Split yellow moong dal , soaked for atleast 3-4 hours - one small bowl

Green chillies - depending on taste, i used one

Garlic cloves - 4

Salt to taste

and cooking oil for deep frying.

Drain out all excess water from the soaked moong dal.

In a blender add moong dal, chillies, peeled garlic cloves, and salt

Blend to a thick paste like consistency, be careful if you are adding water , the mixture should be thick enough to hold its shape in oil.

Now heat oil to smoking point , turn heat to medium, using small teaspoon drop bits of this paste in oil.

Let it cook till both sides turn golden and crunchy, should take 3-4 minutes.

Serve piping hot with grated radish & any green chutney you prefer

And if you feel guilty about fried food, console yourself like i do every time, its lentil, protein after all :p

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