Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hmmm second post , kind of difficult . I mean i know i want to write about so many things, share so much , but don't know where to start. For starts i moved to new city - Bangalore, while i am loving the weather, still trying to get my head around the city. After having spent almost 10 years in delhi, which i knew like back of my hand ..its like beginning afresh ..but its okay, i really really wanted this. The inertia, the comfort factor gone, its kind of re-inventing oneself, so i am excited about that.

And there is all these new blogs i have discovered that i love reading about, ofcorse the old fav are there like Highheelconfidential (who doesnt like to read and comment about celebrities dress sense) apartment therapy (the mecca for all things design and decor) and there are these new indian blog/ e-magazine Prismma (so many pages of indian goodness), indianmakeupblog (like talking and exchanging notes with your friends).

trying to build a garden in garden city, setting new home, discovering oneself, exiciting times dont you think ??

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