Sunday, 30 September 2012

Julia, Julia & me

So last night i finally watched Julia & Julia on this wonderful site Putlocker (internet god, please dont ban or block this site !).
I am so so intrigued by french cuisine now, i mean any you watch any cook show any chef they speak so highly about french cooking and i am not entirely sure why. The very few times , including couple in paris early this year, i was not completely blown away. But ofcorse i am not entirely sure what i had as french food was in essence the real deal. After watching the movie  i learnt that all french food has to be cooked in butter , now that is something. I absolutely love butter and anything the fact that they cook in butter sounds amazing. I am definitely going to try and learn french cooking even if its Julia Powell style, trying every recipe from the book.

But not right away, i really really need to start learning and participating in active sports before i attempt cooking things with butter as a main component :), hopefully very soon for both. in the meanwhile, here is a link to some of the original Julia Child videos  , tempting no ??

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