Saturday, 6 October 2012

Design inspiration from ET !

and i mean Economic Times Newspaper . Well, typically its the last place you would look for design inspiration, but today in their "Functional Design+ market"section, they have an article on reading corner and since i have been planning to work on one for myself it cant come at a  better time. So sharing some photos and thoughts  i have earmarked for building further ..
for a bit of night time reading, just imagine a cup of hot chocolate and cookie on the side table

Taking the action outside, with a view of greenery, i am thinking early morning coffees or  lazy sunday breakfasts

lobby of Laguan resort Krabi
This one is from my stay in Macclesfield, last year, love the 'victorian' touch..there was actually a fireplace facing this ...was perfect for the chilly evenings of english countryside

good book and massage chair, will take away all the mental and physical fatigue :)
@ITC windsor Manor, Bangalore 

For more practical and the one i am hoping to recreate are these two options, put your feet up and engross in a Agatha Christie thriller (right now re living my school days with the series )

@ITC Windsor Manor

@ITC Windsor Manor 

and wrapping up with this photograph from maldives, all said and done nothing can beat this reading place right??

@ Sheraton Maldives

 just for this photograph linking it to :

a beach cottage

I have also pinned some finds from search here on pinterest, in case you looking for more options 


  1. Very nice designing... I have seen one of these concepts in a hotel. Keep posting good designs.


    Being Traveler | Himanshu Nagpal

  2. thanks Himanshu, yes most of the photographs are from our stay at various hotels :)


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