Monday, 15 October 2012

Quicky beauty tip

All of us know that kitchen is the best place to look for all sorts of beauty treatment. But most of us hardly venture in there for the same.Sometime we replace what is readily available in kitchen to store bought chemical laden expensive stuff (sheer laziness) or skip these beauty routine all together (me!, me!).

I chanced upon a  simple solution to tackle this.  I understand at the end of crazy day at work or home it does kind of gets difficult to do all the chopping, grinding ,mixing  these beauty remedies require and it really becomes easy to squeeze a tube and being done. So here is my solution.

Lemon is good for skin and so is rose water. So when i do my weekly vegetable shopping on saturday, i add 3-4 extra lemons. At home I  juice out these lemons , take equal quantity of rose water and mix it in bowl.

Now the fun part , pour it in ice cube tray's (clean, sanitized) seven compartments  -one for each of the following days of week  and leave it in freezer.

Everyday when you are back from work / or wrapping up the day, clean your make up.Pop out one of these babies , rub it all over the face -  cleaning, toning , refreshing all done.

So simple right ??

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