Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Kitchen Adventure - Tomato Soup

There is slight nip in the air already (or atleast it was when i was in delhi last week), so its time for soup.  Here is a nice simple recipe for tomato soup i made today, almost as simple as packet soups.


2-3 garlic cloves
ginger - 1 inch 

Now the quick steps : 

Use pressure cooker 

1. Wash and cut tomatoes in halves.
2. Add garlic & ginger
3. Add water to sufficiently cover the tomatoes 
4. close the cooker, put it on heat for 3-4 whistles 

5. Let is cool for few minutes open the cooker , use hand blender to mix to a soupy consistency. 
6. Add butter, salt & pepper , put it back on heat till it comes to a boil.
7.Sieve through and done 

Serve hot !! 

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