Thursday, 11 July 2013

Vitenamese Iced coffee

I have been reading a bit about Vitenamese iced coffee lately and since it has condensed milk as a major ingredient , which I loved as a kid and haven't  had since then, I had to give this one a try.

An experiment that surely paid off, this one is simply divine , don't take my words for it try it once and you would agree.

This is what you need

Good grounded coffee beans, i use a mix of robusta & arabica ( we have become quiet a coffee connoisseur since our recent trips to coffee growing estates :p)

1 full table spoon of condensed milk, i have always used Nestle milkmaid

lots of ice cube


Filter coffee maker , Vitanamese use what they call Pihn, which seemed similar to our filter coffee maker .

Brew the coffee in coffee filter as you would do normally.

Now pour out a big tablespoon of condensed milk in serving cup.

 Add lots of ice and freshly brewed hot coffee, mix well .

I had with almond chips wafers :)

Simply Divine !!!

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